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Nadia Smith has always been fascinated with beautiful home décor. Growing up, her mother shared a love for stylishly decorated bedrooms, Nadia’s filled with furniture pieces and toys most children wouldn’t dream of. Her bedroom was a retreat where she loved to play and a place she was proud to share with people.

As Nadia grew older, her adoration for interiors grew with her. The last 25 years have seen her fascination with beautiful bedrooms evolve into a passion for the interior design industry. She realised that she had an eye for detail and a skill for styling rooms.  In 2020 she launched her newest venture, Mirrors by Reflect, which specialises in mirrors inspired by 18th century French antiques. Each mirror available online at Mirrors by Reflect has been hand-selected by Nadia. Along with each mirror, Nadia also offers consultations on how to effortlessly style your new forever piece in the home.

A keen interest in interior styling has been the inspiration and driving force behind Mirrors by Reflect. Put simply, Nadia loves the way mirrors can transform a room. From a design perspective, an oversized French antique inspired mirror can be the focal point of an otherwise minimalistic room. Mirrors are not only a perfect way to make a statement. They also offer practicality. The inclusion of a mirror can open up an entire space, make it appear bigger and even give the illusion of more light.

Having worked for a myriad of businesses, Nadia’s true passion lies in interior design. She can often be found poring over inspirational imagery or learning new styling techniques. From picture-perfect pillow arrangements to the arrangement of trendy kitchen appliances, Nadia is full of tips and tricks for her clients which she shares online via her Instagram page.

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